1:1 Cambridge Diet Coach - Demelza

Meet Your 1:1 Cambridge Diet Coach – Demelza

Hi, Im Demelza. Not only am i a weight loss coach in the Gloucestershire area but im also a very successful user of the 1:1 Cambridge Diet Plan. With help from my consultant i have so far lost almost 6 stone in weight, with a bit more to go. For me this is a massive achievement that not only allows me to live a healthier life but also to now enjoy more activities with my family. I have decided to start helping others achieve the same as i have and help others start enjoying the freedom that this has now given me.

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Thinking its time to lose weight?

Have you been thinking for a while now that its time for you to start getting yourself healthy? Losing weight can be 1 of the first places to start. With the help of the 1:1 diet we can help you get the journey started. We will provide you with the initial analysis and build a plan together that you will be able to follow. We will support and monitor to ensure you achieve your goal! Make the first step now and contact me for your free assessment.

Start Losing Weight now! - 1:1 Diet Plans

How to get started with the 1:1 Cambridge Diet

Getting started with the 1:1 Diet couldnt be easier. Get intouch with me now and we can get you started by following the 4 simple steps below.

Step 1 of your weght loss plan - 1:1 diet Plan

Step 1

Decide that you want to lose weight. Once you have done this simply contact us and lets get going!

Step 2 of your weght loss plan - 1:1 Diet

Step 2

Book your first session with us and lets discuss the best way for you to achieve your weightloss goal

Step 3 of your weght loss plan - 1:1 Diet Plan

Step 3

Discuss and agree a diet plan with us and we will support you throughout your weighloss journey.

Step 4 of your weght loss plan - 1:1 Diet

Step 4

We will help monitor and log your overall weightloss and advise how to keep on track to achieve your ultimate goal