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Healthy Eating for all

For many many many years now there have been campaigns after campaigns around healthy eating. These have been published by literally every organisation around including government and NHS. So, can all these people be wrong??

All of the studies carried out and all of the research scrutinised have kind of confirmed that having a healthy diet can be 1 of the best ways to stay healthy and fit. Obviously, these things can never be done alone so ensuring you bring a healthy, balanced diet into your lifestyle really can be hugely beneficial. Here are some great reasons: –

Health in general – getting all your goodness that your body needs, and sometimes cravings can come from the foods you eat. The natural goodness in foods will be absorbed into your body and used when needed. The big downside to this of course is that all the bad things will also be absorbed too. Read on to understand this a bit more.

Energy and vitality – every moment of every day and night your body needs energy. From simple walks with the dogs to chasing the kids around the garden. If you are eating the wrong foods then both of these activities, and more will really start to get you down and leave you tired and out of breath. Learn the kinds of foods which can boost your energy levels here.

Your look – often foods will have a positive or negative impact on how you look too. Without the nutrients that a healthy diet can offer your skin can start to feel dry and dull. Your hair can feel static and lifeless. A good diet and revive your whole appearance and not only make you feel good, but also make you look great on the outside too.

It’s fun – Yes, I had to put this in here as cooking can actually be fun. Starting with that empty frying pan, adding all of your fresh food, then cooking it to perfection. Add a few simple twists to the recipes so that you make it exactly how you want. The satisfaction from this can be amazing and well worth the time cooking.

Healthy Food options and recipes - 1:1 Diet
Bad unhealthy Food - Learn whats not good for you!

We often get caught up with the ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Can’t do without’ kinds of foods. But often it’s not about what you are eating more so than what you are not eating. Here is a list of foods which you can easily start putting into your daily meals to start getting some nutrients without really changing your eating habits. This is a good place to start without completely wiping your nice foods out and replacing complete meals. Start slow and get into making the healthy choices part of your everyday lifestyle change.

Some of the bad things

We mentioned earlier about some of the bad things that can also get into our meals. A lot of these should be look at and seen for what they are. One of the biggest foods that cause us to be unhealthy, overweight and sometimes tired is the simple everyday loaf of bread. Bread, although lovely and so versatile when it comes to mealtimes, is full of carbs! Carbs are 1 of the main things that we look to cut down on when going on a diet. Many diets will look at cutting out carbs completely. This is because our body loves storing carbs for when we do high energy activities. But without high energy activities these can store up and be 1 of the main reasons for weight gain.

There are numerous ‘Bad’ foods that we will cover in a lot more detail in another article.

By using the 1:1 diet, all the shakes, meals, snacks have been very carefully designed and put together to offer you a very balanced amount of everything your body needs. Each prepared meal will contain vitamins, minerals, energy and overall goodness that your body must have. By sticking to your diet plans it will be very difficult not to lose weight, but the dedication is very much needed. When you are ready to move on with your plans the introduction of good, fresh, healthy foods will be an important next step to getting you back to a good healthy lifestyle and keeping you on track to maintain your healthy lifestyle.


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