Well we have made it to the new year. As with every year we get to the start of January, look in the mirror and promise that we are going to get fitter and healithier. The only question you really have to ask yourself is ‘how much do  you want to do this?’.

We have put together a few helpful tops should you decide that you answered ‘YES’ to the question above.


Are you really ready??

Once you have decided that its time to start then you need to ensure that you are both physically and mentally ready to start. You will know your own body but sometimes it can be worth just having a quick check up with your GP. Providing you get the all clear then you will know that you are physically ready to move forward. Now its time to ensure that you are mentally ready. This is only something that you can know yourself. Will you commit to the regime needed? Do you have the will power to keep things going? If you do, then lets move on to our other tips below.

  • Have self belief in what your exercie abilities are.
  • Seek encouragement from freinds and family. Knowing what youre doing is working will help you keep going.
  • Find an enjoyable exercise you like. You dont have to running marathons every weekend!


Lets form an exercise plan

Lets start by determining some simple points to ensure you can build a good exercise plan.

  • How often can  you exercise? – Try to find 3 times per week where you can reguarly be free to exercise at the same t ime each week. Keeping this regular and planned will help you ensure you maintain a good structured plan. If you start missing exercise then it will be alot harder to keep going.
  • What exercise are you going to do? – There are a lot of different exercise you can do. Simply taking the dog for a long walk counts. If you can manage it, try going for a run. Plan a comfortable local route that you are familiar with and  give it a try. If you are looking for something a bit more then consider some local facilities. Going to a gym, or some swimming are great alternatives.
  • How long to exercise for? – This is sometimes the hardest part to plan. Again only you will know what you are currently capable of. Start at a pace where you are able to finish the exercise you planned. If you plan something too difficult then you will very quickly get discouraged and stop. Start slow. 10 mintues is sufficent to start making a difference. After a week or 2, try increasing to 20 minutes. Try to get to 30 minutes of activity 3 times a week as a minimum.

Why workout alone??

Seeing the same road signs each time you go out for a run? Maybe its time to get an exercise buddy. There are alot of people thinking and doing exactly the same as you . Why not meet up and form a small group where you can exercise together. Not only does this help encourage and maintain the exercise plan that you made earlier. It also helps us to work out better and stronger. Not reading those road signs when you go for a run wil probably help you run faster and stronger. Give it a try and see how you get on.

Make sure you help someone else aswell as having others helping you. Keeping each other motivated and on course will be as benificial as the exercise its self. Being mentally strong on this is another healthy achievement.

Be realistic….

Never lose sight of what you want to do. Your goals are what will drive you to succeed. But be realistic in setting these goals. You are not going to become a marathon runner in a few weeks, so dont try! Things take time to show. There will definately be down times throughout the process but picking yourself backup will be another great achievment. This is a lifestyle change as mucha s a heath regime. Keep your goals realistic and achievable. Maybe try setting goals for weight loss. Make them small and achievable again, you are not going to lose 2 stone in a month!

The same applies to your exercises. If you go running, try starting small with a half mile run. Once you have done this a few times then increase it to a mile and see how you go. Always try to achieve goals like these 3 or 4 time before you move on and increase it. Not only will it help prepare you for the increase but it help get rid of any self doubt that may creep in. After all, you acieved it 4 time not just the once!!


Hopefully by now after reading everything you have decided that its time to start making a move. Take it slow and steady and build up when you believe you are ready. Over doing it or trying to achieve too much too soon will only bring you back to where you started.


We have lots of other articles full of great information and tips so keep reading and start getting your helthy lifestyle kick moving.