The Christmas period is where temptation and endulgance con sometimes be really difficult to resist. We have some very valuable tips from people that we have put together in a quick post to try and keep you going through this period!

When planning your festive food options, dont be affraid to have a search online. There are so many recipes, or slight tweaks to recipes that really can make a difference


Enjoy what ever you want on Christmas Day and boxing day. Dont deprive yourself of these special days with family and friends. Be prepared however to get right back on your diet afterwards and dont let it lapse from then on.


Dont forget to exerise!! So many people will eat Christmas dinner and then go and sit down for the rest of the day. Make a change this year and after the dinner, go for a lovely Christmas day walk. Spend some time getting fresh air with the family rather than sleeping on the sofa! Dont limit this just to Christmas day though!


Plan!! The key  to Everything. Ensure you balnce out your weeks between days on plan and off plan. Keeping your eating balanced really is the key to everything


Water!!! Everyone forgets to consume their normal daily intake of water. We very often end up making lots of Tea and Coffee when family and friends are around. Or even drinking alcohol but ensuring you fit in plenty of water will really help!


My only  tip for Christmas is to enjoy it. Be mindful of what you are doing and remeber you will be off work for most of the Christmas period so no excuses not to get in some extra exercise to help combat the extra food!


Stay active! Its all too easy to just lounge around whatching TV. See if there are some dance nights down your local pub or maybe walk to your friends and relatives houses instead of taking the car?


Stock up on snacks that are very low in calories from your consultant. Whilst everyone is enjoying their sweets and biscuits, you can prepare your own plate of treats knowing you are minimising any potential damage to your diet!


A few days off your diet plan is not the end of the world! just realise that for everyday you go off plan, you will need to compensate and dont over endulg on your normal plan days!


Snacking doesnt have to be all about biscuits, cheeses and chocolates. Be mindful when shopping and stock up on fruits and vegetables. Make your own baked vegitable crisps instead of the standard shop crisps!  There are plenty more options like this!


Dont let food dictate your Christmas fun! Christmas is only once a year and a great time to let your hair down. Be prepared come January to go the extra mile to get back on track and start achieving your dietng goals again!


Dont be the Christmas dustbin. So many times when clearing up you would eat those lonely last roast potatoes. Maybe finish off the last slice of cake instead of putting it in the fridge! Resist and dont be ashaned to save it for the next day. Afterall calorie counts start again the next day!


Dont be affriad to build your diet plans into your main Christmas meals. Just because your on a diet doesnt mean that its boring food. Make some of your diet dishes and put them into the normal mix of food. That way you can join in and eat as much as you want and no one will even know!


Dont ever feel ashamed or depressed that you have eaten too much. Enjoy this great time of the year and know that you can always get back on track in the days following.